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How to clean a sewer line

The toilet water is bubbling. The tub is clogging with water. The kitchen sink drain is making an annoying sound. It is time to clean out your sewer line.

It’s not something that people enjoy talking about, clearing a sewer blockage. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is likely that you will need a home plumber sewer line cleaner. This inspection usually includes a professional sewer line inspection.

Here are some tips to help you clear a blocked sewer line in the spirit of spring cleaning.

Why is it necessary to clean main sewer lines?

A “dirty”, or clogged, sewer line symptoms include:

  1. Shower basin slowly draining and collecting water
  2. Water drain backups
  3. Drains make gurgling sounds

Most sewer backups, if not all, are caused by improper items being flushed down the toilet or solid or sticky materials being poured into the drain. You can think of diapers, feminine products, grease, coffee grounds and too much toilet paper as examples. Even if the item makes it through the toilet bowl or kitchen sink there is a chance it will end up somewhere else.

Many homeowners neglect to maintain their sewer lines and don’t pay attention until problems develop. Although you may be certain that no other items are causing the backup, a dirty pipe or clogged drain could also be caused by raw, natural sewage backup. This can lead to serious underground pipe damage that will require expensive sewer line repairs.

Extreme sewage backups are most often caused by damaged sewer pipes. These situations are often caused by tree root intrusion, cracks or offset sealing joints.

Can I fix my sewer clog?

Maybe. You may be able to resolve your problem by using common household remedies for clogged drains. For a blocked kitchen sink, you can use a plunger to clean it or an eco-friendly drain cleaner like Bio-Clean(r).

What if your main sewer line is the problem? Do you think it is worth trying to repair your pipe? Never. There are safety hazards and you could do more damage to your sewer lines. In many East Bay cities, DIY fixes could be considered illegal. Even if you can relieve the symptoms of a clogged drain immediately, it is likely that there is a deeper problem beneath.

It is better to hire a professional to help you clean your underground sewer lines. Long-term sewer blockages and untreated sewer clogs can cause extensive damage to your home. A full sewer line replacement will cost you a lot more than maintenance and inspection.

When plumbing is blocked, the first thing you should do is stop running the tap or flushing the toilet. Locate the source of the problem (fixture valves are usually located behind the toilet or underneath the sink) and shut off the water valves. To determine if you are treating the correct problem, call a plumber and arrange an inspection.

What does a professional sewer cleaner do to fix my drains

Your sewer maintenance professional should first look for drain cleanouts in order to service the line. This may include a camera inspection.

Sometimes, professional sewer inspectors may not be able to see your sewer line because of clogs. Our inspectors will be able to advise you on the best options for your property. There are several techniques that plumbing contractors can use in clearing clogs once it has been confirmed.

A common tool to cut, loosen and push material downstream to the main sewer is the power snake. For removing hard obstructions such as roots, food accumulation, hair, or food, they use different attachment heads. Different blade attachments are available on the power snake’s rotating cable to make it suitable for different kinds of clogs.

Another tool is the hydrojetter, which uses a high pressure water technique to remove long-term waste buildup.

These tools work best when they are used near the problem area.

Checklist for sewer clogs

These are the steps to take in order fix a clogged drain pipe.

  • Try to solve the problem using a plunger, or an eco-friendly cleaner
  • Turn off the water supply (fixture valves).
  • Book a professional inspection
  • Book a professional sewer pipe cleaning service

Make sure you choose a certified and qualified plumbing company. A good reputation in the community is also important.

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