How to Design Your Custom Engagement Ring with the Help of Rare Carat’s Tools and Resources

 Rare Carat is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to diamond ring offerings, with engagement rings being among the company’s main value propositions.
This article will show how to order a custom engagement ring with the aid of Rare Carat’s handy customization tools.

1st Tool: Start with a Diamond / Start with a Setting
Once users enter the Rare Carat website (, they are immediately given two main options to begin their search:
1 Start with a diamond

2 Start with a setting
This choice only concerns which element the customer wants to fine-tune first, but it won’t substantially change how they’ll go about personalizing their engagement rings.
In addition, each section has a search filter mechanism laid out, complete with a series of sliders and buttons.

Choose Diamond

In this section, users can filter their search according to the following criteria:

  • Type: The customer can pick between a natural diamond and a lab diamond. Both are real diamonds, but what changes is how they come to exist. Natural diamonds are mined from the earth’s crust, while lab diamonds are manufactured through an artificial process that simulates their natural formation.
  • Shape: Users may choose between various diamond shapes, including round, oval, cushion, princess, and many more.
  • Color: This slider ranges from whitest (D) to yellowish (K). The more yellow the stone is, the lower the price.
  • Clarity: This slider gauges the visibility of the diamond’s “inclusions.” To a greater or lesser degree, most diamonds present these “inclusions” – to wit, “impurities” contained within that impact their clarity. FL (flawless) means the diamond has virtually no imperfections, even when examined at 10X magnification. For the record, VS2 clarity is normally considered a “sweet spot.”
  • Carat: Each carat represents a unit of mass equaling 200 mg. The higher the carat value, the heavier the stone and the steeper the price.
  • Cut: This criterion specifically touches on cut grade (quality) rather than shape. Furthermore, Rare Carat only enables customers to choose from “Good” to “Rare Carat Ideal” (next to “Excellent.”) “Fair” and “Poor” are not suitable grades by the company’s standards.
  • Price: The gemstone’s price range oscillates between $350 and a whopping $4,000,000!

Engagement Ring Settings

Customers in this section can adjust the following;

Setting Style: This essentially defines how the gem is mounted onto the metal ring. In other words, it’s the prong’s design and how it would enhance the diamond’s radiant beauty. These are some of the most prominent style choices: “Solitaire,” “Halo,” “Pavé,” and “Three Stones.”

  • Diamond Shape: This option is the same as in the Choose Diamond section. Whichever alternative is picked here will carry over to the next filter (if the customer opts for “Start with a setting.”)
  • Metal: White gold is the preferred metal type, but other choices available include “Yellow Gold,” “Rose Gold,” and “Platinum” (arguably the most durable of the bunch).
  • Setting Price: The price slider for the ring’s setting ranges between $100 and $20,000.

2nd Tool: Take a Quiz

The quiz walks new customers through some simple selections to streamline the filtering process.

On the first page, the virtual assistant will have users decide between “Complete Ring,” “Loose Diamond,” and “Other Jewelry.” If they select “Loose Diamond,” they’ll be immediately redirected to the page where they can settle between a “Natural” or “Lab Created” diamond, whereas the other choices will prompt other relevant questions in between.
Afterward, the site will auto-adjust the filter parameters according to what was selected during the quiz (including price). The user can readjust these specifications later to match their preferred settings if they so wish.

Create the Perfect Engagement Ring

With the aid of Rare Carat’s detailed customization options, clients can craft unique engagement rings for their special others, also accommodated to their particular budget.
Rare Carat’s imposing market presence is fuelled by its customers, who have not hesitated to leave positive reviews about the marketplace’s excellent service on prestigious portals such as Trustpilot and Google Business Profile.
To find out more about how to create your ideal diamond engagement ring, visit Those interested can likewise consult the most popular engagement ring designs at

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