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The DSLR Has Become Your New Addiction

The DSLR has become your new addiction, and you can’t stop yourself from buying more gear. Occasionally, you may even think about shooting film and building a bathroom darkroom to process your images. You also may want to upgrade your scanner to capture your ideas. However, you eventually realize that film cameras are costly, and you fall in love with your digital camera. You don’t want to be shooting all the time.


The camera gear obsession is a common thing among photographers. It’s known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or G.A.S. affects people of all levels. It involves acquiring copious amounts of camera gear over a relatively short time. It can also lead to hoarding and buying things just because you can. Luckily, there are ways to manage G.A.S. without letting it take over your life.


Gear acquisition syndrome

Olivier Duong, a Florida-based photographer, blogs about the common camera addiction known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Although the term sounds funny, it is serious. It’s characterized by hoarding gear you don’t need and buying stuff to buy it. Duong admits to being a former gear addict.

Thankfully, there’s a cure for this disorder! There are several ways to break the habit of buying new gear and accessories. The first is to learn to say no to the constant advertisements and new releases. It can also help you to put a stop to your compulsions. For example, you might want to unsubscribe from camera magazines and gear blogs so you won’t be bombarded with new gear and features.

Negative aspects of DSLR photography

There are several advantages to DSLR photography. For starters, it offers a higher quality of the image. DSLRs also tend to focus faster and can produce sharp images with less shutter lag. DSLRs are also very durable and can handle a lot of physical abuse. In contrast, point-and-shoot cameras would break down very quickly.

DSLRs also offer better zooming capabilities than other cameras. Their optical zoom is outstanding. They also have many settings that help them produce excellent pictures. In addition, they can shoot photos in R.A.W. format, which allows them to be edited later. DSLR new edition

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