Top Travel Destinations for Photography Enthusiasts

Nowadays, with the availability of high-quality cameras and smartphones equipped with useful functions, traveling and photography go together perfectly. Bringing a camera along on a trip is a great way to capture special moments, whether filming a local celebration or simply documenting a day trip with loved ones.

The best way to get creative photo concepts is to visit different locations. If you’re a photography and travel enthusiast searching for inspiration for your next trip, you could find some ideas in the places we’ve compiled below.


There is no destination like the Land of the Rising Sun for truly unique photographs. Japan has much to offer photographers, from its culture and history to its modern architecture and delectable cuisine.

One of the first things people notice in Japan is how crowded the streets are. Consider the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, where over a million people pass daily. The location would be the best place for street photography.

Even better, if the sun is shining, you may enjoy the powerful light streaming between the buildings, casting deep shadows and revealing beautiful contrasts. This view shows Japan’s excellent street lighting for those late-night adventures.

Since many areas of Tokyo are so awash in neon, you can get no trouble shooting at night, even at low ISO. In low light, Nikon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras are your best bet. Buy Nikon Cameras Online – digiDirect at the best price and shoot Tokyo’s most aesthetic street photographs!


Iceland is one of the most photographed landscapes in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The country offers a variety of breathtaking places to visit, but a photographer should never miss the incredible northern lights display.

Tourists flock to Iceland because the country boasts some of the most otherworldly lighting conditions they’ve ever experienced. Like in Greenland, the iconic Northern Lights can be seen from just about anywhere in Iceland. But one of the best places to witness and take a snap of the Northern Lights is Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Morocco is often regarded as a photographer’s wonderland. Beautiful light all year long, vibrant colors, and stunning architecture make this country a photographer’s dream.

Chefchaouen, dubbed the Blue City, should be one of the first places you should visit in Morocco. The city’s color scheme features turquoise and cobalt, which gives it a unique charm. You won’t even need a camera filter and high-end gear, or specialized knowledge because the Blue City is a natural beauty. Images captured in Morocco need nothing more than the country’s stunning natural scenery to impress.

Another sight to behold is the Erg Chebbi dunes in the Sahara. It spans the border between Morocco and Algeria. You should go out after sunset to get the most beautiful shots of the place. Everything in the site is bathed in that warm orange glow during this time.


Peru has more microclimates than any other country and is home to some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders. Moreover, with the variety of ecosystems in Peru, the country is home to various animal species.

The Amazon Rainforest is, without a doubt, the most biodiverse region on Earth. Magnificent birds, primates, dolphins, and even jaguars are just a few of the fascinating animals that can be spotted there.

Additionally, authentically preserved communities await you in Peru. One of the most visited communities in Peru is the Uros. They are the traditional owners of Lake Titicaca. Of course, the musical shows by the Amaru community can’t be missed. They are located on the northern edge of the Sacred Valley, up a squirming, curving road that turns away from Pisac. Photographers who enjoy capturing people’s everyday lives and colorful characters perfect for great portrait opportunities will find Peru a dream destination.


Kenya, renowned for its famous wildlife and dramatic scenery, provides photographers with many chances to take unforgettable pictures. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer or not, The Great Migration is a sight to behold. Masai Mara National Reserve is a protected savannah wilderness in southwestern Kenya. Due to its popularity, wildlife photographers worldwide visit there between June and October every year.

Travelers interested in culture will also find many fascinating places to visit in northern Kenya and capture on film. The Samburu, Turkana, and Borana communities are just a few examples of the culturally diverse groups you can meet while traveling in Northern Kenya.


You’ll discover stunning color palettes everywhere you go in Mexico, making the country a great photo destination. Visitors looking to get close to nature should consider visiting the state of Chiapas. The Agua Azul, supplied by a convergence of rivers, forms natural pools where visitors can cool themselves in the water. The park’s many scenic spots provide the ideal setting for taking photographs at the ideal angles and lighting levels that work for you.

You may also capture the city of Guanajuato’s breathtaking panoramas, making it look like a painting of colorful cottages set on a hillside. If you enjoy visiting places rich in history and baroque architecture, Guanajuato will not disappoint. The city is full of colorful alleys, tunnels, houses, and mines that make for great photo backdrops.

Final Thoughts

Having your camera on hand to snap photos whenever the mood strikes is nice, but you still need to identify fascinating subjects to capture. Invest some time learning more about our recommended locations and their photography potential. You’ll surely capture photos that will make your audience want to visit the places you’ve been to!

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