What Are The 3 Major Types of Video Converters?

Video Converters, With easy access to the Internet, downloading videos has become much easier these days. We can download any video at any time for personal use, education, or business purposes. However, one of the main problems in the process is the video format.

No matter if you want to download and save videos from social networks to watch later, want to watch the video on all devices, or you want to make basic changes to the video you will need a good video converter for Mac.

Video converter makes your life easier by converting video to working format without affecting the video quality. Here is a list of some of the best types of video converters for video lovers, whether you are using a Windows or Mac OS X.

The Three Major Types Of Video Converters

From time to time, we all face situations when we cannot open a video file of a certain format. These are just the cases where the best types of video converters will come in handy.

When you need to convert AVI to MP4, FLV to MOV, etc., there are plenty of programs designed specifically for converting a video from one format to another (or even audio format). To help you, we have selected the 3 major types of video converters and put them to the test.

1.    Video Converter Software

The video converter software programs consist of software for transcoding one media file format to another. Depending on the user’s requirements and degree of training, here you can choose programs with pre-installed audio and video conversion modes, as well as with more options for customizing the conversion process.

The main purpose of video converter software is editing and converting video files from one format to another. All popular video formats are supported and can be converted by video converter software. All video and audio codecs are supported too. However, most of the best video converter software is paid services.

Not only for converting a certain file format, but video converter software is also more efficient than you can even think of. You can edit your special memories easily, make a collage using videos, and also reduce the video size if you are having memory issues.

You no longer have to rush to a specialist to perform these small adjustments. All you need is to download and install a powerful video converter software that can help you convert the videos for playbacks on PC/Mac, smartphones (Apple + Android), gadgets, etc.

The market is flooded with tons of video converters. Some of the popular video converter software includes VideoProc Converter, Wondershare UniConverter, Wonderfox HD video converter factory pro, and more.  

2. Online Video Converter

The second type of the video converters is called online converter. With online video converter, you do not need to download & install the software. All you need is browsing the video file on your computer then directly convert it to a specific format.

Instead of downloading software designed for a single purpose, users find it better if they trust some online video converter to convert their media file formats.

Many users prefer to use an online service rather than video conversion software but online converter do have some limitations like:

  • Required good Internet connection
  • Limited file size, big video files may not supported
  • Slow conversion speed
  • Time limit on storage – time to store the converted files on the online server
  • Limited features compare to video convert software

Moreover, if you are not professionally working with video, then you cannot install specialized programs for converting, but you can easily get by with the appropriate online services. With the help of online video converts, you can get the file in the desired format with minimal effort.

Here are some of the free online video converters. Open any one of the video converters and follow the instructions given on the site.

  • com/
  • https://video-converter. com/
  • https://onlinevideoconverter. com/

That’s it! It is that simple when it comes to using an online video converter.

3. Browser Extension/addons

Google Chrome users have quite a few ways to download & convert videos. One of the easiest ways is to install browser add-ons (extensions). To use online services and add-ons (extensions), you do not need anything other than a modern browser.

A quick search for video download extensions in the official Google Chrome web store reveals over a hundred different extensions that you can easily install. But not all of them are equally good and some can be dangerous. So, be careful before installing any browser add-ons (extensions) to your device for video conversion.

Here are some of the recommended browser addons:

  • For Chrome:
  • For Firefox:

Final Words

Downloading and watching videos have become a part of our lives for various reasons. Whether it’s personal use for entertainment or education, or a business to showcase an idea or for marketing purposes, there can’t be a better way these days than visual content.

Therefore, nowadays a video converter is practically necessary. Above, we’ve listed 3 major types of video converters to convert the format that will make the conversion easy for all your devices.

So pick any types of video converters from the given list and do not let the video format prevent you from watching videos anymore.

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