What is a Responsive Web Design and how it helps get high Google rankings?

Just when for the first time the number of mobile internet users surpassed any other devices in 2016, a great shift took place. Earlier the websites were being designed with big PC landscape screens in focus. But now as more people were spending their time on mobiles, the focus had to shift. And then came the year 2021 when Google announced its Core Web Vitals. Here, Mobile Friendliness was a part of it. It gave opportunities to many exceptional web design companies

People started looking for the Best Web Design and Development Company USA. The reason was clear – to target the area that has a large number of potential customers.

Because more potential customers are on mobile devices, the companies’ websites must be designed accordingly.

What is Responsive Web Design and Development?

Before we dive into the field of Responsive Web Design, let’s understand its need through an analogy.

Suppose you make baseball bats for people to buy and play. But not all people buy the same sized baseball bats. There are children who buy smaller bats. There are taller adults who look for larger bats. For this very reason, you create bats with different shapes and sizes. This leads to additional costs and time. What if you could make a one-sized magical bat that could adjust itself according to the person holding it? Wonderful indeed! It’d help you save money on investing in making different bats for different demands.

It will also help people play easily. This same thing happens in the internet world. Here the shape and size of baseball bats are the dimensions of the websites and the players are the different devices in which these websites load.

What is Responsive Website Design?

A website is an order of different elements (images, videos, text, audio, colors, animation, interactive elements, etc.) that look visually meaningful to us. We surf these websites to gain something valuable. But who designs these websites?

Websites are designed by web developers. Any web developer working independently or in the best Web Design and Development Company USA knows how to create a website. A website gets created using coding languages. The most famous coding languages are

  • HTML,
  • Java,
  • CSS,
  • PHP,
  • Python, etc.

These languages are a medium to create a platform where humans can interact with computers and other humans.

Why do you need Responsive Website Design?

Earlier web developers used to create websites for PCs and laptops. Why? Because mobiles were not capable of handling the internet and the websites. There was no technology to bring down the size of PCs to a handy set. And even if there were some mobiles, they were very costly and thus were in the reach of the few riches. But then technology boomed up and humans were now able to minify the circuits, transmitters, storage, and other things. This led to the making of smartphones. They were small, handy, useful, and cheap as compared to the PCs. Because of this people started buying smartphones.

This shift in the buying decision led to a shift in the device users. In 2016 there were more mobile users than PC users. But because all the Web Design and Development till date was being done for PCs, people were finding it hard to surf on mobile devices. The websites are used to open in desktop mode.

People had to zoom in a lot to read. This led to the idea of making a website design that could adjust itself according to the device it is being opened into. If a website is getting opened on a PC, it will take a landscape form; if it is being opened on mobile, it will take vertical form with elements becoming smaller.

There are benefits of having a responsive design –

  • Saving of Cost spent in web design
  • Higher website traffic
  • Helps in SEO
  • People spend more time on mobile – Lower Bounce Rate
  • Higher SERP ranking
  • Better user response
  • Higher quality PE (Page Experience) and UX (User Experience)

These are the reasons that companies go looking for the best Web Design and Development Company in the USA and around. It is the need and visionary companies understand it. Just last year had Google announced that Web Design will be a direct ranking factor in SERP rankings. It said that Core Web Vitals will look at the design efficiency of a website and thus rank it accordingly. So, how can a better web design help you have a better website SERP ranking? Be sure to check out EngineRoom for more information about seo agencies

How does Responsive Web Design impact the SERP rankings?

It was never a question a few years back. Web Design and Development did not use to impact a website’s ranking in the SERP. But just as the focus got shifted on the quality of User Experience, Page Experience, and Mobile Devices, web design started impacting SERP rankings.

Now, if you look at any of the links that come on top after you search for something on Google, you find that they have a very smooth web design. The website is responsive, it is safe and secure, and it loads up quickly. There are rare cases when the top results have some flaw. It gets adjusted quickly. Bad quality web designs might make up to the top by trick, but they never survive their ranking for more than a few days. Such strong is the Google Algorithm.

Why does the quality of web design and development affect SERP rankings?

It is because a website is like a cafe that serves drinks and dishes. It is fine if the drinks are good and the dishes delectable, but the quality of the cafe must be good too. The elevators must not be a threat to the life of visitors. The chairs must be strong. There must be no foul smell coming from a rotten corner. The money of visitors must stay safe while they drink. This is the same with the websites, and Google understands it.

Thus, it has made it clear that Core Web Vitals will now be impacting the ranking of a website. Core Web Vitals are a set of few factors that together decide about the overall Page Experience. And one of these vital factors is Mobile Responsiveness / Friendliness. Thus, if you do not have a Responsive Design, get one now.

A Responsive Web Design does not only help in SERP rankings but helps have a higher Conversion Rate. Conversion Rate is the ratio of total visitors visiting your website with the number of these visitors that actually take the desired action that you want (buying something). A good web design instils a sense of trust and goodness within a user. A bad web design repels a user against your website. Thus, if you have a website, invest in its design. .

Look for the best Web Design and Development Company in USA – Check out for its sheer expertise in the total digital landscape. It is less of a suggestion and more of a warning against the times to come.

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Asad Ijaz
My Name is Asad Ijaz. I am Chief Editor on NetworkUstad and also a writing a blog for different websites. My most of articles are published on

Asad Ijaz

My Name is Asad Ijaz. I am Chief Editor on NetworkUstad and also a writing a blog for different websites. My most of articles are published on

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