Microservices: Go and Do it

Microservice architecture is known as the detailed pattern for structuring the application as a collection of services. Today the world is progressing in Cloud Computing and microservice is a part of it. Well-known companies like Amazon and Netflix are using Microservices for years and they rely on Microservice architecture completely. Now more companies are switching from huge monolithic-architectures to lightweight microservices.

Here are some advantages of using Microservices:

  • Well maintained and easy to test.
  • Coupled loosely.
  • Can be deployed independently
  • Enhance the business capabilities in an organized way.
  • Can be scaled more efficiently
  • Use fewer resources.

Why Microservice is better than Monolithic architecture?

Microservice is known as the software-development approach that helps in the application structure and splitting the application into small services across the business domain. The software will be composed of small independent modules that will be integrated through the application program interfaces.

Monolithic architecture is a complete mess. All the software components are developed and maintained in a single environment. All the components developed inside the monolithic architecture are interconnected and can’t work independently.

Therefore, the Microservice architecture is far better than monolithic architecture because in microservices each component is developed and maintained efficiently.


Why it is Important to avail Golang microservices?

Golang is exactly made for microservices. It covers all the specific requirements that are needed to avail of the microservices and that are described above. Golang microservices frameworks are now widely being used and helping hundreds and thousands of businesses every day. You are not satisfied yet? Here are the benefits of using Golang with the mix of microservices:

Easy to maintain and highly readable

It is observed that the Go language is the simplest language to learn and understand. The ease of learning and understanding matters a lot in business processes. The code written in the Go language works perfectly for a longer period of time and the syntax is also small & simple. The whole coding scheme is transparent and you don’t need to learn new languages for it.

Ease of understanding and maintenance is the goal of any programming language and in Golang we get both advantages. So, it is the ideal programming language for the developers who work on microservices. It also overcomes the drawbacks of built-in microservices as it makes error handling easier and deals with the corresponding disturbed architecture.

Now the old days are gone when the developers waste so much time understanding the code written by other developers. Go with microservices architecture has made it easy and the production time is also increased. Golang microservices ensure that your code is transparent and any developer can understand and maintain it there’s no need for a specific developers’ team, every developer will understand the structure of the code.

Performance Boost and Compile faster

As compared with other traditional languages Golang is an updated language that works much faster and compiles code quickly. In terms of businesses, perspective time is the key and if the compilation time is relatively faster then what else do you need?

Why choose Golang?

  • It compiles faster than other traditional programming languages.
  • Boost the performance 100% and makes it the most effective language with microservices.
  • The object file in the Go package contains all the relevant information regarding the packages and their dependencies.
  • Runtime experience with Golang is super excellent. If you are expecting to enhance the outcome of your microservices then Golang is the best choice because it compiles faster and the API support using the microservices architecture is also excellent.

Super toolkits in Go microservices

Golang microservices frameworks are becoming popular and the addons, frameworks, toolkits and libraries are also discovering with the passage of time. Here is the list of super toolkits that will assist in Go microservices

Go Micro

 Whenever you hear about the Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) framework you will find Go micro on top of the list. It works on message encoding, load balancing, intercommunication i.e. synchronous and asynchronous, client packages and the list goes on. The most important feature of Go Micro is the Go Micro Sidecar feature which enables the integration of other services that are written in other languages.

Go Kit

Go Kit library is widely used for providing the solution to most infrastructural and operational issues. The main packages of this multi-task kit are tracing, authentication, transport, service discovery, metric and the list goes on. By using this Go toolkit your microservice architecture will be as follows:



This toolkit provides the main service of putting together server and pubsub daemons along with standardized logging & configuration, health-check, Managing pprof endpoint configuration, graceful shutdown and many more. This toolkit is uploaded by New York Times and is shared on Github.


The Kite is a framework toolkit used for server packages and RPC client. However, it is not much popular among developers.


Microservices are made for the business perceptive project which has a large scale and the scope is also wide. If you have a large project and you are thinking of finding something best for it then Go Microservices is the best among all.

So, what are you waiting for??? Go for Golang Microservices now…

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