Forget the Glue! 4 Digital Collage Ideas You Can Do on Your Laptop

Nowadays, we view collage as a fun form of art, closely associated with the popular scrapbooking trend. Yet it was once regarded as a revolutionary type of modern art, with big names like Picasso joining the trend. 

These compositions have evolved along with all types of art through the decades, taking on forms in line with prevailing times. In this light, it’s not surprising that digital collage is the latest thing when it comes to combining shapes, images, and text. 

Check out these cool digital collage ideas to get you started with your next inventive art project. 

1. Free-Form vs. Grid Digital Collage

Before you start bashing collage ideas about, you should decide what form you want for your design. Grid-style collages have a structure based on rectangular or square shapes arranged in a sequence, either for effect or to tell a story.

Freeform collage involves a more haphazard arrangement of shapes and pictures that ultimately create a different image. 

2. Spliced Collage

This technique involves combining two images by removing part of the uppermost one, to reveal a section of the one below. To do this, you’ll need to select the portion you want to replace in photoshop and delete it to reveal what’s underneath.

You can create many dramatic effects using this technique. For instance, you can add a texture to a human shape, or replace a flower’s petals with something unexpected, like leaves.

3. Multi-Layered Digital Art Collage

In order to use this technique, you’ll need to remove the background from the uppermost images, to reveal your main image below. This works well for introducing people, buildings, animals, or abstract forms into a landscape or city scene. 

You’ll need relatively advanced Photoshop skills to get this exactly right. One of the best collage tips in this instance is to search online using the terms, ‘remove background from an image‘, for quick and easy solutions.

Once you’ve compiled your selection of images to paste onto your background, you can add them to your background layer in a design program and move them around as needed. 

4. Use Digital Art Templates

Not everybody has access to Photoshop or other advanced image editing software, but that needn’t limit you to boring collages.

There are numerous sites offering excellent, easy-to-use templates to help you create collages without any advanced skills or software. Many of these are free to use and customizable to help you achieve the effect you want.

They also provide a range of backgrounds, images, and textures you can use in your designs. If you’re only interested in making a few collages for fun or social media, these are the only tools you need. You can use a social media scheduler to post the designed creatives regularly on your social media profiles.

Get Creative 

With digital tools, you can easily correct any mishaps or start again when things don’t end up as you envisioned. This gives you the courage to unleash the full force of your creativity.

So, once you’ve mastered the skills for creating a digital collage, you’ll find so many ways to make beautiful collages for work or amusement.

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