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Best cheap Vlogging Camera for kids

Today I share my experience vlogging camera for kids with readers, Are you filming your own video blog? Looking to increase your YouTube or social media subscribers? In this case, you need to think about improving the quality of the picture. But which camera will help you best in this matter? Let’s find out.

Now you can shoot your video blog for anything. Many people initially use their own smartphones for this purpose. But this is not as convenient as it seems at first, so it is better to purchase a specialized device – every YouTube subscriber will thank you for this, even if only mentally. We recommend choosing from the following devices:

A hand-held video camera is a large device with optical stabilization and a rotating display. Great for long journeys where multiple optical zooms is required. But the dimensions will make themselves felt.

vlogging camera for kids

An action camera is the best choice if you are not Anatoly Wasserman with his abundance of huge pockets. Such a device does not take up much space, but it captures an excellent picture, albeit without blurring the background.

DJI Pocket is a series of unique cameras from a renowned drone manufacturer. Differs in the presence of a mechanical stabilizer and the ability to track the object.

A 360-degree camera (or a panoramic camera ) is able to capture the entire surrounding space – it is allowed to do this by two lenses located on both sides. In fact, this is the same action camera, but supplemented by such an unusual feature.

Best Cheap vlogging camera for kids

These babies fit in any pocket. But in terms of functionality, the best of them easily make their larger counterparts and even many existing smartphones. These cameras are not afraid of falls and diving. Their weak point is only the recorded sound – the membranes on the microphones muffle high frequencies.

01 – X-TRY XTC195 EMR

Most Affordable 4K Action vlogging camera for kids

X-TRY XTC195 EMR vlogging camera best buy For a little money, you will get a device that produces a high-definition picture.

vlogging camera for kids
Vlogging camera best buy
Average price:
View Price On Amazon
Country: China
Matrix: CMOSCMOS, 1 / 3.2 inches, 16 MP
Video shooting:3840×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s
X-TRY XTC195 EMR specification

X-TRY XTC195 EMR vlogging camera for kids One of the lightest action cameras that can also shoot 4K video. At the same time, they do not ask for any big money for it. The low cost is due to the average characteristics. They will suit only novice video bloggers who have not yet gained a noticeable number of subscribers on YouTube.

 For example, they should like the work of electronic stabilization, which is still far from ideal. They do not write anything bad in their reviews about the quality of the sound being written. Experienced people, by the way, connect a “buttonhole” to the vlogging camera, because there is a corresponding connector here. But most of all, customers like the device due to the package, which includes an aqua box, a remote control (if you wish, you can replace it with a smartphone by connecting via Wi-Fi), and a simple external microphone, and several different mounts.

02- SJCAM SJ10 Pro

Vlogging camera for kids Lowest Cost 4K 60fps Action Camera

This SJCAM SJ10 Pro Bes Camera for Youtube vlogging resulting content looks perfect on YouTube, even if the app is open on a 50-inch TV.

SJCAM SJ10 Pro vlogging camera for kids
Vlogging camera best buy
Average price:
 View Price On Amazon
Country: China
Matrix: CMOSCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 12 MP
Video shooting:3840×2160 pixels, 60 frames / s
Waterproof:up to 10 meters
SJCAM SJ10 Pro Specification

A relatively small and lightweight action camera that also sells for a lot of money. It’s great for filming YouTube videos. This is evidenced by the presence of a well-implemented electronic stabilization, thanks to which you can safely shoot even on the go. Some buyers take this baby to the sea or the pool, because she is not afraid of water at all. They are also pleased with the quality of the final material – the Chinese managed to achieve an increased frame rate even at 4K resolution. To find fault with the device can only be about the lack of a second display, which is now fashionable to place next to the lens. And the functionality of the action camera is not as wide as we would like it to be.

03 – GoPro HERO9 Black Edition

The widest functionality – cheap vlogging camera

gopro for kids waterproof camera has tried to endow its device with all the modes of operation that you can think of.

GoPro HERO9 vlogging camera for kids
Cheap vlogging camera
Average price:
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CountryUSA (made in China)
MatrixCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 23.6 MP
Video shooting5120×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s
Waterproofup to 10 meters
GoPro HERO9 Specification

best gopro for kids for youtube vlogger. Every new waterproof camera from GoPro is getting more and more weighty. But GoPro HERO9 can be safely forgiven for this, because it received the function of video recording in 5K-resolution. And even if you are not going to leave the final footage that way, it will come in handy for cropping without losing quality! The limitation at such a moment is only the frame rate – if you want to increase it to 60 FPS, you will have to switch to 4K resolution. Reviews indicate that some do so. People also appreciated the presence of the front display, thanks to which video blogging is greatly simplified – with its help you will know if you are in the frame. It is curious that this device is also used for live broadcasting on YouTube – this is done both by wired method and via Wi-Fi.

04 – Sony FDR-X3000

Best OIS Action Camera

The special form factor allowed the Japanese to place a full-fledged three-axis optical stabilizer inside the device.

Sony FDR-X3000 cheap vlogging camera
Vlogging camera best buy
Average price:
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Country: Japan (made in China)
MatrixCMOS, 1 / 2.5 inches, 8.2 MP
Video shooting3840×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s
Stabilizationoptical + electronic
Sony FDR-X3000 Specification

Perfect recording sound quality

Any expert will tell you that this particular this cheap vlogging camera has the best sound so far.

Sony introduced this action camera back in 2016. However, it is still in demand. Especially among those who are engaged in video blogging even in the dark. The fact is that optical stabilization is used here, which works equally well in any light (electronic stabilization in the dark will only spoil the picture). People also love the Sony FDR-X3000 for its great sound quality. Importantly, it is impossible to accidentally cover the microphones with your fingers, since they are located in front. However, this model also has drawbacks – they include extremely poor functionality by modern standards, and the complete absence of a color display (that’s why now a kit with remote control is mainly sold), and 4K video shooting, carried out at a low frame rate.

05 – DJI Osmo Action (waterproof camera)

This is best Vlogging Camera for kids in terms of price-performance ratio

This DJI Osmo Action cheap vlogging camera than analogs from GoPro, providing almost identical functionality.

DJI Osmo Action vlogging camera best buy
Cheap vlogging camera
Average price
View Price On Amazon
MatrixCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 12 MP
Video shooting:3840×2160 pixels, 60 frames / s
Waterproof: up to 11 meters
DJI Osmo Action Specification

DJI Osmo Action is a waterproof camera, Not a very heavy action camera with two color displays. This greatly simplifies the filming of a video blog. When it is necessary to correctly position yourself in the frame. The picture is written in 4K-resolution, and even with an increased frequency of up to 60 frames / s. At this moment, high-quality electronic stabilization can be active,

Realy if you buy a DJI Osmo Action Vlogging Camera for kids doing enjoy, due to which all tremors are completely eliminated. It turns off only when HDR video recording is activated. When the color rendition becomes almost perfect. Other operating modes that are available include time-lapse and hyper-lapse. Another device, judging by the reviews, pleases with indestructibility – it survives both falls and dives to a very serious depth. And only the average quality of the recorded sound spoils the impression of video blogging. However, this moment is partially corrected during editing.

Camera Specification

 DJI Osmo ActionSony FDR-X3000GoPro HERO9SJCAM SJ10 ProX-TRY XTC195 EMR
Average price: View Price View Price View Price View Price N/A
Country:ChinaJapan (made in China)USA (made in China)ChinaChina
Matrix: CMOSCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 12 MPCMOS, 1 / 2.5 inches, 8.2 MPCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 23.6 MPCMOS, 1 / 2.3 inches, 12 MPCMOS, 1 / 3.2 inches, 16 MP
Video shooting:3840×2160 pixels, 60 frames / s3840×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s5120×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s3840×2160 pixels, 60 frames / s3840×2160 pixels, 30 frames / s
Stabilization:electronicoptical + electronicelectronicelectronicelectronic
Waterproof: up to 11 meterssplash-proofup to 10 metersup to 10 metersabsent
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