The Best Cheap Camera for Youtube vlogging

How  to choose best cheap camera for youtube?

The Camera for Youtube vlog is an abbreviation for Video Blog, which posts videos of events and information of the day. People who post are called “Vloggers”. Not only YouTube but also people who post to SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are included in “Vlogger”.

best cheap camera for youtube

If you use a smartphone, you can easily shoot videos and edit them with the app, but “I want to shoot without blurring even with violent movements!” “I want to shoot more carefully!” “I want to project my face beautifully!” When I say that, I would like to prepare tools such as gimbals and cameras that can use discerning lenses and microphones.

Here, we have summarized the cameras and action cameras released by each company for “Vlog”. Even if you say “camera for Vlog” in a nutshell, there are various models of digital cameras. Therefore, we picked up the models recommended by the editorial department based on items such as convenient functions and easy-to-use specifications when shooting Vlog.

The points I paid attention to when picking up were as follows.

  • Size and weight :  In Vlog, it is important to be easy to carry around for trips and events.
  • When taking a “wide-angle” selfie, you want to capture your face and the surrounding landscape at once. What is important at that time is the wide angle. (The size of the range that can be seen on the screen). Some cameras, such as 28mm, ideally 24mm, and 360-degree cameras, allow you to adjust the angle of view after shooting. If it is an interchangeable lens type, it can be handled with a variety of lenses.
  • Face recognition AF and skin-beautifying function:Points to watch when taking selfies Part 2. In addition to the function that recognizes the face and focuses on it, there is also a camera equipped with a function that reflects the skin beautifully.
  • Image stabilization function: When shooting while walking, I want a powerful image stabilization function. Some models do not shake the screen even if you swing the camera around.
  • Mic :Whether the built-in microphone has high performance. In addition to directivity, reducing wind noise is also important for outdoor photography. It is also important to have a compatible input terminal when connecting a microphone of your choice.
  • Smartphone cooperation: Whether editing and live distribution can be performed in cooperation with smartphones. Also, pay attention to the cooperation method such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Sony Digital camera for Youtube Vlogging

Sony  ZV-1 compact digital camera

Best video camera for youtube

Best video camera for youtube Sony  ZV-1  compact digital camera released in June 2020 as a new category camera for youtube” for Vlog. A “VLOG CAM ZV-1G” with a shooting grip (GP-VPT2BT) is also available.

The monitor part is designed with a vari-angle and a high degree of freedom. It operates degrees 176 in the horizontal direction and 270 degrees in the rotation direction, making it easy to take selfies.

The microphone is equipped with a directional 3-capsule microphone that firmly captures the sound in front. In addition to being equipped with a wind noise reduction mechanism, a windscreen is also included as a standard.

In addition to shooting functions such as real-time Eye AF, it is equipped with beautiful skin, background blur that makes the leading role stand out with one touch, and settings for product reviews. The product review set is a one-button operation that turns off face/pupil detection, allowing you to quickly focus on the product lifted in front of your face when reviewing the product.

It can be converted to a webcam just by connecting via USB (UVC / UAC support). It can also be converted into a webcam by using the PC application “Imaging Edge Webcam”.

Sony Cyber-shot “RX100 VII”

Sony RX100 VII Premium best cheap camera for youtube

Sony Cyber-shot “RX100 VII” compact digital camera released in August 2019. RX100 VII best cheap camera for youtube It features a high-speed continuous shooting function of 20 frames per second at the mirrorless interchangeable-lens level. A “shooting grip kit” with a shooting grip “VCT-SGR1” is also available in the market. 

In addition to the “VCT-SGR1”, the shooting grip kit comes with a bracket to which you can attach cold shoe accessories such as an external microphone. The “VCT-SGR1” can be used not as a grip but as a small tripod.

Equipped with real-time Eye AF for video. When shooting movies at 4K / 30p. You can set the temperature at which the power is automatically turned off at the time of the shooting, and the shooting time for “Standard” is about 5 minutes, and the shooting time for “High” is 5 minutes or more continuously. You can use the “active mode” for image stabilization, and you can shoot 4K videos with less blur.

Compatible with the smartphone app “Movie Edit add-on”, you can easily edit the shot video on your smartphone, and by using the gyro information captured from the camera and applying more powerful image stabilization, did you shoot with a gimbal? You can create a smooth image like this.

Panasonic vlogging camera for Youtube

Panasonic LUMIX “G100”

Panasonic LUMIX G100 4k Mirrorless 4k Best video Camera for youtube

Micro Four Thirds mount mirrorless camera released in August 2020, Panasonic LUMIX G100 best cheap camera for youtube. The body is not sold as a single unit and the “K kit” that comes with the “LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH./MEGA OIS” as a lens kit is sold in the world.

The rear monitor supports a touch panel / vari-angle. As a feature for Vlog, if you flip screen on the back, you can automatically shoot. The optimum settings for Vlog. The aperture is automatically reduced to make the image clear up to the background including yourself. The face/pupil recognition AF / AE keeps the AF in focus on the photographer. The recording mode automatically changes to the tracking mode, allowing you to capture the photographer’s voice.

In addition, a red frame is displayed in the displayed video during movie shooting, and it also has a function to prevent forgetting to start recording.

It is also equipped with Nokia’s “OZO Audio,” which allows you to record with clear sound while switching the directivity according to the shooting scene with just the built-in microphone.

DJI film Camera

DJI  “Pocket 2” film camera

DJI Pocket 2 camera for youtube

A small gimbal-integrated camera released in October 2020. DJI  “Pocket 2” best cheap camera for youtube vlog. which includes a mini operation stick, tripod mount, wide-angle lens, wireless microphone.

Since the 3-axis gimbal is integrated, it is possible to shoot movies with less camera shake, pan, tilt, and roll. A wide-angle lens that can expand the viewing angle up to 110 degrees is also available as an option.

It has a universal port under the monitor of the main unit and can be used as a monitor by connecting to a smartphone using the included USB-C / Lightning adapter. It is also possible to attach a joystick that can operate the gimbal.

In addition to having microphones in the four directions of the main unit, the direction of the sound can be adjusted according to the orientation of the camera. It also has 3 patterns of directivity. The “Creator Combo” also comes with a wireless microphone and windscreen.

OSMO Action Camera

DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera

OSMO Action camera was released in May 2019. It has displays on both the front and back, making it easy to take selfies. Also equipped with powerful image stabilization “Rock Stead”.

The main body is equipped with waterproof performance up to a depth of 11 m. The lens has an aspherical three-layer structure that effectively reduces reflections, and is said to be able to take clear pictures even in direct sunlight.

Flexible operation is possible with the UI by Action OS and the three buttons on the main unit. It also has a custom mode that allows you to save / list/select frequently used shooting modes and exposure settings, as well as use the Quick Switch (QS) button for quick access to modes and settings. Read More about Action camera body mount.

Canon EOS 90D and Action Camera Flashlight Review

CanonDigital Camera

GoPro BLACK Action camera

GoPro HERO9 Black Best video Camera for youtube vlogging

HERO9 BLACK Action best video camera for youtube vlogs. GoPro HERO9 BLACK Action was released in September 2020.

In addition to the rear monitor (2.27 type), the front is also equipped with a 1.4 type monitor, making it easy to take selfies. A wide-angle lens Max lens modular with interchangeable lenses and powerful image stabilization is available as an option.

The Max lens mode, which can be used when the Max lens modular is attached, has a function that allows you to keep the GoPro horizontal even if you tilt it. However, in Max mode, the number of pixels drops to 2.7K

RICOH mini camera


Ricoh Theta Z1 Best mini Camera for vlogging

A 360-degree camera that can also shoot 4K spherical videos was released in May 2019.  A high-end model of the THETA series that allows you to shoot 360-degree videos / still images in one shot.

In addition, This RICOH THETA Z1 mini best camera for YouTube vlog 360-degree videos, you can upload the captured data to compatible SNS as it is, or upload it to RICOH’s “” and share the link, so that other people such as followers will also be like VR. You can enjoy 360-degree video / still images with the same feeling.

Insta360 Camera

Insta360 One R

Best video film camera Insta360 ONE R 360

An action camera featuring a replaceable modular structure. By replacing the camera part with another module, you can use a 360-degree dual-lens module,  4K wide-angle this module great video maker camera for youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and other, and a 1-inch sensor.

The feature is that it transforms into various cameras by exchanging modules. By reversing the mounting direction of the core module equipped with the display. You can customize the usability, such as making it easier to take a selfie while looking at the display.

It is also possible to customize the battery module by replacing it with an optional battery that has twice the capacity to support long-time shooting. Or by arranging two cameras side by side to shoot stereo images. In addition to being IPX8 waterproof without a case, a diving case that can handle up to a maximum depth of 60 m is also available as an option.

If you are more concerned about quality than ease, you can also use a full-size machine.

If you want to shoot with better image quality, use your favorite lenses and peripherals, or customize the camera itself, it will be expensive, but purchasing a full-frame full-frame SLR is also in sight. .. We have picked up two types of compact and lightweight mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras among full-size machines.

SONY alpha 7C Vlogging Camera for youtube

alpha 7c mirrorless video camera for youtube

Sony Alpha 7c mirrorless digital camera released in October 2020. The feature is that the body size is almost the same as the APS-C machine “α6000 series”. But the performance and functions superior to the full-size machine “α7 III” are installed. The lens mount is an E mount. 

In the world of digital cameras, major manufacturers are entering the full-size mirrorless camera to survive, and it is booming. Up until now, single-lens reflex cameras have been the mainstay when it comes to full-frame cameras, but mirrorless cameras have opened the way for miniaturization. You cane read full review click here

SIGMA “fp” Mirrorless camera

sigma fp Mirroless camera for youtube

SIGMA “fp” digital film camera for youtube, The world’s smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera released in October 2019.

The lens mount is an L mount. By freely attaching various interchangeable lenses and accessories, it is possible to handle various shootings.

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