Improve Your Health: Physical Therapy and Structural/Movement Correction

At Motus Health, we feel that everyone has the right to a pain-free existence. We start by concentrating on the structural and movement issues that cause many health problems. Then there are a million options open to you; however, correcting how your muscles and joints move throughout your regular activities is our first priority. Call us now to set up an appointment with us today! We believe you were created to enjoy life in this world rather than simply survive it. Pain and illness are not indications of normality; it’s time to start seeing them as such.

More than a Chiropractor

Motus Health is committed to helping people live pain-free and disease-free. We begin by addressing the structural and movement anomalies that underlie many health issues at their source. Whether we take a million different paths depends on your muscles and joints’ mobility before we can do so; however, first we must increase your muscles and joints’ mobility while doing everyday activities.

We develop a treatment plan that mixes structural and movement therapy methods to help you live pain-free. Our team understands that your body is a dynamic system, therefore our treatments are comprehensive in nature. We’ll collaborate with you to create an awareness of how your body functions and what the optimum treatment choice is. Keep in mind that good health starts from the inside out! If you’re seeking for a Chiropractor who can give personalized answers based on your specific requirements, come see us right now at Motus Health!


To diagnose neuropathy, a range of hands-on neurological tests for nerve function may be done. Only peripheral neuropathy, severe sciatica, or other radiating nerve pain drive us to employ neurotesting. Functional neurology is a subset of neuroscience that focuses on the brain’s middle. We may conduct simple coordinated activities, eye movements, balance, and other tests on each part of the brain. Both halves of the brain must be healthy and balanced in order for the brain to function properly. When a fault occurs along this chain, sickness and malfunctions develop.

Weight Loss

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) opens fat cells’ pores, allowing fatty acids, glycerol, and water to enter the Lymphatic System. The Contour Light is outfitted with cutting-edge technology originally developed by NASA for wound healing on both Earth and in space. This technique has been used in hospitals, burn units, rehabilitation clinics, and other healthcare settings for years with no indication of stopping. They discovered that some people were losing fat and inches after seeing that some individuals were shedding fat!

Neck Pain

Spinal decompression is a beneficial treatment for neck and back discomfort caused by herniated discs. We have a spinal decompression table in our practice that can be used as soon as possible by our patients.

You sit in a comfortable, large chair with a strap around your ankles and your arms on two handles while receiving treatment. It then applies a tiny pulling force between the vertebrae in your back over time and gently. This allows for greater space between the vertebrae in your back, allowing for better disc recovery after injury. It’s really peaceful and gentle, with fantastic outcomes.

Full-Service Chiropractic Care in Yukon, OK

We provide a comprehensive range of treatments at our Yukon, Oklahoma chiropractic clinic. We believe that it’s more essential to consider the entire person than just particular symptoms. This implies we pay attention to general health and well-being rather than simply dealing with symptoms. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any queries regarding any of these services or if you’d like to book an appointment. We are pleased to assist you in your efforts towards optimum health!

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